About VFM

Our Stated Goal

          It is the goal of V F M to provide the best Value For Money in everything that we do. In our Activities Parks, we strive to provide a safe, fun, family environment where the entire family can come out and enjoy time together,  meet friends and/or other families and spend time together doing whatever they enjoy.

Our Vision Statement

          It is our vision to become the premier ATV, RV, & Activities Park Mississippi.  We will do this by providing a high quality family friendly park for people to visit with family and friends, creating memories for a lifetime.  We will continue to ask our guest for suggestions on ways we can improve and to help decide what activities they want at the park.

 Our Mission Statement

          It is our mission to provide families and individuals with the best Value For Money, for their entertainment dollar.  It is our mission to provide a family friendly location where families and friends can come and enjoy themselves for a while, creating lifelong bonds and providing them with somewhere to go for a day, a weekend, or longer, as well as being somewhere that they will feel welcome and want to return.

We will work with the local community and the national community in assisting with fund raisers for various causes, such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Wounded Warrior Project, and others.  We will conduct surveys with the local park members to decide which charities and fund raisers that they would like to support, and act accordingly.

We at V F M realize that without the local community we would not exist, it is our desire to give back to the local community.